212 Oxford St

As a brand, Hansen & Gretel is Socially empowered by the notion of feminine strength,

Morally driven by the uplifting effects a garment can have on its wearer, and Environmentally we’re proudly investing in best practice and have been doing so for a number of years.

We were one of the first brands to employ biodegradeable plastic right across our wholesale and retail sector’s. We also continue to research and source materials that are more sustainable, utilising natural fabrics that are renewable >> Mitigating our footprint wherever possible.

I sincerely design each garment with the goal to last a lifetime. We don’t consider ourselves a one night stand and proudly associate with the sentiments of slow fashion. We’re invested in an ongoing relationship with our shopper and wish to positively impact and educate our growing and global sisterhood of GretelGirls.

Our Gretel Girl is multifaceted. The Hansen & Gretel woman ranges from sassy and youthful; to dreamy and romantic, to progressive and experimental. My vision was always to curate collections that were all-encompassing from style to size, and age to budget – doing away with the idea where UNATTAINABILITY equals “cool”.

Inspiration for Each collection derives from our journey as female’s. Womanhood as we interpret it – is not a singular expression. We are a prism of personalities and designing into this season on season is a carefully considered process. Fluidity between gender and style has always been at the heart of the brand. THE VERY ORIGIN of the name Hansen & Gretel originated from the idea of masculine vs feminine. That Yin and yang. Boy and girl.

Because… Central to this journey of a Woman – can often be the role of a Man – whether father, brother, son, lover or mate. We recognise their part in our tale.

Increasingly being appreciated as an ageless, all-inclusive destination for any occasion is humbling beyond words