Hansen and Gretel’s design ethos encompasses a certain ‘femininity with bite’. Sharp, uncomplicated, and cut to compliment the female form, but often underscored with a masculine accent.

The name Hansen & Gretel was chosen to represent this synthesis of masculine feminine, that yin & yang where ‘Hansen’ is a nod to the designer’s father’s name. ‘Gretel’ constitutes for the idea of womanhood, the girl, the sister, and our journey as female’s which is always a prevalent theme in each collection.

With premium stockists throughout Australia and overseas, best sellers are tweaked and reworked each season, ensuring the brand is always progressing their broad customer-base. Applauded as an accessible brand, appealing to all statuses, ages and budgets.

Designs are never over-complicated, instead focusing on producing quality, luxury in classic silhouettes. There is an ethereal strength throughout the H&G aesthetic, with collection’s catering to every occasion.